Exo Management LLC is an international BPO and services company offering diverse services such as in finance, real estate management and marketing, and is the leading global source of market intelligence, advisory services and events for several sectors.

It is an independent BPO firm, assisting clients of any major industry. We operate in over 10 countries, work in various languages, and have employed more than 1,000 professionals in Russia, Italy, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hongkong, and Taiwan. Our reliable and professional analysts offer their unprecedented expertise on BPO services, finance, real estate management, VOIP, Human Resource, research and marketing.

Exo has always aimed for a sole objective since its foundation: to support and help our clients use their customer lifetime value to the fullest, and bolster their competitive advantage by aiding them in improving productivity, efficiency and profitability while producing lucrative outcomes.

The core of our goal is to boost business performance to its highest potential across processes spanning income, cash flow and capital operation without compromising our clients’ satisfaction and the quality of the overall competitive advantage of the consumer organization.

Exo delivers rewarding, measurable outcomes through an impeccable execution of its services that works across the entire lifecycle of the clients’ patrons and encompasses both the revenue and costs of the clients’ business operations.